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The EMEP programme provides scientific support to the Convention on:

  1. Atmospheric monitoring and modelling;
  2. Emission inventories and emission projections;
  3. Integrated assessment modelling;
  4. Hemispheric transport of air pollution.

The EMEP Steering Body meets annually and reports to the Executive Body on its activities. Five programme centres (the Chemical Coordinating Centre, the Meteorological Synthesizing Centre-West, the Meteorological Synthesizing Centre-East, Centre for Emission Inventories and Projections and the Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling) and four task forces coordinate the work of EMEP and provide reports to its Steering Body.

The Bureau of the Steering Body, elected by the Steering Body, meets with the representatives of the task forces and programme centres to make strategic proposals regarding the work- plan and budget for EMEP. The Bureau also meets annually with the Bureau of the Working Group on Effects to harmonize their work-plans and coordinate their activities.

The last Joint Bureaux meeting of EMEP and the Working Group on Effects was held on 18-22 February 2013 in Geneva.


The EMEP schedule of contributions for 2013 was approved by the Executive Body at its thirty-first session. Parties were requested to pay their contributions in the first half of the year.

EMEP Strategies

EMEP Assessment Report