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EMEP Steering Body, Thirty-fourth session

13 - 15 September 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

Session documents (in pdf format) are ordered by document symbols. They will be available in English (ENG), French (FRE) and Russian (RUS). Selected document files are provided by the UN Official Document System (ODS) database (note, that it may be slow at times). All documents open in a new window ()

Document Title




Provisional Agenda


Report on the 34th session


Measurements and Modelling (TFMM Chair's report)


Integrated assessment modelling (Report of the Task Force)


Emission Inventories (TFEIP Chair's report)


Present state of emission data


Draft Maintenance Plan for the Emission Inventory Guidebook





Hemispheric transport of air pollution (TFHTAP Chair's report)


Activities of EMEP Bureau



Financial and Budgetary Matters


Other official documents


Long-term strategy

Draft 2011 Workplan for the Implementation of the Convention





Draft 2011 Workplan for the Implementation of the Convention









Thirty-third session

Document Title


No. 1: Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution2010-Executive Summary

No. 2: Draft Report of the Ad-Hoc Expert Group on Black Carbon

No. 3: Long-term Strategy revisions proposal by delagations
at 47th Session of WGSR

All delegates attending a meeting in the framework of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution in the Palais des Nations are requested to fill-in the registration form and return to the secretariat no later than 10 days before the meeting. Registration form

Prior to the meeting, delegates are requested to present themselves at the Accreditation Building for the issuance of an identification badge. The UNOG Security Identification Sub-Unit is located at the Pregny Entrance, Route de Pregny (across ICRC), open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. non-stop.Practical information for participants

Conference Registration form



Convention's registration forms



ECE Practical Information for Participants



Document Title


EMEP Status Report 4/2010

Activities on acidification, eutrophication and photo-oxidants, Progress and plans

Heavy metal pollution assessment: from global to local scale

Item 6. Progress in activities in 2010 and future work

Report on the Task Force on Modelling and measurement activity

Integrated assessment modelling for the revision of the Gothenburg Protocol

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, 38th meeting, 17-19 May 2010


Review of emission data submitted under CLRTAP Update of gridded emissions

An Update from the Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections

EEA activities and cooperation with EMEP


The inclusion of near-term radiative forcing into a multi-pollutant/multi-effect framework

Global and regional Modelling of Ozone and Aerosols

HTAP 2010 Assessment Report Overview of Part C: Persistent Organic Pollutants

Special Session on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution and Short Lived Climate Forcers

Observational Evidence: Ozone and Particulate Matter

HTAP 2010 Chapter 5: Impacts Focus on Health

Summary of Part B: Mercury

Importance of Methane for Ozone

Other Impacts and Future Directions

SLCF and the Arctic

Opportunities to Limit Near-Term Climate Change