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TF on Integrated Assessment Modeling

The Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling was established by the Executive Body at its fourth session in 1986. In the following years integrated assessment models were developed that provided the basis for negotiation of the 1994 Oslo Protocol. The Task Force is led by the Netherlands.

The Task Force’s main focus is to combine information gathered from the Parties and from other Convention bodies and through computer models assist in the development of legal instruments (protocols). The reports of TFIAM meetings are found in this website, but the presentations and other technical material can be found in the website for TFIAM managed at CIAM.

The Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling (CIAM), which is hosted by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), prepares technical background material for the Task Force. Its work focuses on the development of the Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies (GAINS) model that has contributed to the Convention’s work for many years. More information about the current development of the GAINS model is available on CIAM's web pages.