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Executive Body, Twenty-second session

29 November - 3 December 2004

Geneva, Switzerland

Document Title

Provisional Agenda                                                                     ECE/EB.AIR/82

Report on the 22nd session                                                      ECE/EB.AIR/83

Report on the 22nd session: EB Decision 2004                 ECE/EB.AIR/83/Add.1

Report on the 22nd session: Work-plan 2005              ECE/EB.AIR/83/Add.2

25th anniversary: Ministerial statements                           EB.AIR/2004/1                                                                                         

Progress in Core Activities                                                      EB.AIR/2004/2 
Draft Work-plan                                                                          EB.AIR/2004/3
Ratification of the Convention and its Protocols                    EB.AIR/2004/4
Financial requirements for the implementation                      EB.AIR/2004/5
Financial requirements for the implementation, Corrigendum EB.AIR/2004/5/Corr.1
Compliance with Protocol Obligations                                     EB.AIR/2004/6
Compliance with Protocol Obligations                          EB.AIR/2004/6/Corr.2
Compliance with Protocol Obligations                           EB.AIR/2004/6/Add.1
Draft decision for reviewing the Protocol on Heavy Metals
(please see EB.AIR/WG.5/2004/4 below)                             
Strategies and Policies                                                             EB.AIR/2004/8
Relevant documents of subsidiary bodies:ENGFRERUS
W.G. on Effects Report                                                         EB.AIR/WG.1/2004/2 (23rd Session) PDFPDFPDF
W.G. on Strategies and Review Report                                 EB.AIR/WG.5/78 (36th Session)PDFPDFPDF
EMEP Report                                                                         EB.AIR/GE.1/2004/2 (28th Session) PDFPDFPDF
Additional documents:ENGFRERUS
Present state of emission data                                      EB.AIR/GE.1/2004/10PDFPDFPDF
Emission update                                                  EB.AIR/GE.1/2004/10/Corr.1PDFPDFPDF
The 2004 Substantive Report: Executive Summary, Revised EB.AIR/WG.1/2004/14/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Methods and procedures for review of the Heavy Metals Protocol (annex: draft EB decision establishing Task Force on HMs) EB.AIR/WG.5/2004/4PDFPDFPDF
Implementation of Protocols in the EECCA region        EB.AIR/WG.5/2004/6PDFPDFPDF
2004 Joint Report (History of Effects-oriented Work) EB.AIR/WG.1/2004/3  PDFPDFPDF