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The EPE establishes that environmental policy should be the concern of the entire Government and that all governmental levels should set an example by reducing the adverse environmental impact of their own activities. One of its key recommendations is to esure the integration of environmental considerations into decision-making, including the consideration of environmental costs and benefits and the assessment of risks involved and the application of the precautionary principle in all key sectors, and take further steps to promote partnerships between ministries, parliaments, business and industry, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other major groups.

The Committee on Environmental Policy decided to initiate a programme to improve the integration of environmental concerns into sectoral policies, taking fully into account the activities of other international bodies. At its sixth session, the Committee discussed practicalities of this programme (English, Russian, Francais).

In the light of an informal consultation held in February 2000 in Chisinau, Moldova (English, Russian, Francais), the Committee on Environmental Policy, at its seventh session in September 2000, entrusted the Committee Bureau with the implementation of the programme on integrating environmental considerations with sectoral policies starting, as a first step, with the evaluation of the state of the art, gaps, bottlenecks and opportunities for policy integration.