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The workshop on electronic databases for environmental reporting

13 - 14 May 2004

Moscow, Russian Federation

Documentation ENG RUS
Workshop agenda PDF PDF
Workshop report PDF PDF
Draft Reporting obligations PDF PDF
EcoReporting. Discussion paper  
Mr. L.Harutyunyan Armenia PPT in Russian
Mr. J.Aliyev Azerbaijan PPT in Russian
Mr. S.Kuzmin Belarus PPT in Russian
Ms. V.Afanasenko Kyrgyzstan PPT in Russian
PPT in Russian
Ms. A.Ovezberdyeva Turkmenistan PPT in Russian
Mr. A.Shmurak Ukraine PPT in Russian
Mr. M.Kokine UNECE PPT in Russian
Mr. M.Stanley-Jones UNECE PPT in English
Mr. O.Svirchevskyy UNECE PPT in Russian
PPT in Russian
Mr. A.Levintanus UNEP PPT in Russian
Mr. S.Jensen EEA PPT in English
Mr. E.Zaripov RREC PDF in Russian
Mr. A.Lovtsov ICSTI PPT in Russian
Mr. R.Jakobson TietoEnator PPT in Russian

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