Contributions to Kiev Conference

The Working Group has provided substantive inputs to the Fifth Ministerial Conference "Environment in Europe" (21-23 May 2003, Kiev, Ukraine). 

The Ministers in Kiev:

  • Called on EEA to prepare the fourth assessment report for the Ministerial Conference by the time of the next Conference building on new partnerships, especially with UNECE and UNEP;
  • Welcomed the document on Lessons Learned from Data Collection for the Kiev Assessment and invited the relevant organizations and institutions, including UNECE, EEA and UNEP, in accordance with their mandates, to implement the recommendations for improving monitoring capacities in the region;
  • Endorsed the Recommendations on Strengthening National Environmental Monitoring and Information Systems in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, and the Guidelines on the development of state-of-the-environment reports;
  • Invited donors to support the Working group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment and the work for the fourth assessment report by the EEA.


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