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Seventh session of the Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

27 - 29 November 2006




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Officers of the Working Group PDF PDF


Contributions to Belgrade PDF PDF PDF
   Presentation   PPT  
Belgrade Assessment
   Report preparation PPT    
   Chapter on Air quality PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Chemicals PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Water PPT PPT  
   Chapter Energy PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Marine Environment PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Transport PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Biodiversity PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Climate Change PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Environmental Health PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Sustainable Consumption and waste PPT PPT  
   Chapter on Soil PPT PPT  
   EECCA Assessment report PPT XLS PPT  
   Tacis project PPT PPT  
Guidelines on Indicators and on Indicator-based Reporting
Revised Indicators Guidelines PDF PDF


   Presentation PPT PPT  
   Indicator Compendium UNEP PPT    
   UNDP Uzbekistan PPT PPT  
Guidelines on Indicator-based Reporting PDF PDF


   Presentation PPT PPT  
Recommendations to EECCA PDF PDF  
   Presentation   PPT  
Minutes of the Donetsk Workshop PDF PDF


Enterprise monitoring
Revised Enterprise Monitoring Guidelines PDF PDF


   Presentation   PPT  
Workshop on enterprise monitoring PDF PDF PDF
Enterprise Consultative Council   PPT  
Air monitoring workshop




   Presentation   PPT  
Final report to CEP      
   Presentation   PPT  
Report of the session PDF PDF PDF
List of participants PDF