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In pursuance of the decisions by Ministers at Sofia, the UN/ECE Committee on Environmental Policy, at its third session in May 1996, adopted a programme of work that launched the implementation of the EPE. It included the following Programme elements:

  • Economic instruments;
  • Local initiatives towards sustainable consumption patterns;
  • Policy statement and Guidelines on energy conservation in Europe;
  • Pan-European strategy to phase out leaded petrol;
  • Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters; and
  • ECE Guidelines on Access to Environmental Information and Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making.

In reviewing its priorities for implementation of the EPE, in September 1998, the Committee decided to continue to focus on energy and the environment and on local initiatives towards sustainable consumption patterns, and to follow-up on the Strategy to phase out leaded petrol. In addition, the Committee added the issue of integrating environmental considerations into sectoral policies.

In September 2000, the Committee decided to implement a programme on environmental monitoring.