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Meeting on exchange of good practice (transboundary projects)

27 April 2005

Document Title ENG RUS
Introductory document ENG RUS
Programme ENG RUS
Document Title ENG
Joint EIA for transboundary hydropower projects on the Rhone and Rhine rivers, by Gilles Garazi, Bureau Ecotec, Switzerland (8 MB) ENG
Scheldt Estuary between Belgium & the Netherlands:  
- Belgian legal context, by Jan de Mulder, Belgium ENG
- Dutch legal context, by Mari van Dreumel, The Netherlands ENG
- Technical description, by Marjan de Groote, Belgium (3 MB) ENG
Second bridge over the Danube river between Bulgaria & Romania:  
- Bulgarian perspective, by Jacquelina Metodieva, Bulgaria ENG
- Romanian perspective, by Daniela Pineta, Romania ENG
Gas pipeline between Sweden, Denmark and Germany, by Sten Jerdenius, Sweden ENG
Transboundary planning in the Geneva region, by Jules de Heer, Bureau Ecoscan, Switzerland (6 MB) ENG