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Activities under the Espoo EIA Convention and its Protocol on SEA

Current workplan as adopted in June 2014 for period between 6th and 7th Meetings of the Parties, 2014-2017, in English (translations will be available soon).

Below are links to reports on activities defined in the workplan adopted by the Meeting of the Parties. Information is also available on the budget.

Current activities:

Discontinued/superseded/suspended activities (period between 4th and 5th Meetings of the Parties, 2008-2011):

Discontinued/superseded/suspended activities (period between 3rd and 4th Meetings of the Parties, 2004-2008):

Building blocks for subregional cooperation in transboundary EIA:

Subregional workshops to build understanding of each other's national EIA, public participation and decision-making processes - see examples

National and subregional reviews and needs assessments

Creation of a permanent body or commission, or use of an existing body (e.g. boundary river commission)

Pilot projects involving two or more States - building experience and cooperation; testing of draft guidelines - see example

Drafting of subregional agreement - see examples

Subregional workshops to exchange experience in pilot projects and to review draft guidelines - see example

Training workshops, both subregional and national - see example

National and subregional implementation strategies

Drafting of subregional guidelines - see example