Capacity building on SEA and EIA procedures

This activity primarily comprises participative capacity-development workshops for stakeholders and pilot SEA or EIA procedures selected by the partner countries. The focus will be on SEA, where the greater opportunities for leverage for sustainability can be realized.

The activities will include:

  • National and local level training on SEA. Events aim to bring together sectoral ministries and local authorities, including those responsible for economics, industry, agriculture and health, as well as civil society representatives, practitioners, planners and environmental authorities.
  • Development of national guidance documents. These documents will be developed in close cooperation with the national authorities and should also build upon earlier development by Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine of national manuals for the implementation of SEA.
  • Sub-regional coordination and experience-sharing events. These events will bring together representatives of the six partner countries and some civil society representatives. They provide the opportunity to share successes, challenges, solutions and experiences, as well as the results of capacity-building activities. They also encourage the development of personal relationships between experts in neighbouring countries.
  • Pilot SEAs and EIAs. Pilot procedures will be applied to government land-use or sectoral plans and programmes. The pilots will support the SEAs and EIAs, notably with respect to public participation and consultation processes, as well as providing an analysis of effectiveness and the need for further regulatory, administrative or institutional strengthening. The underlying environmental assessments will be undertaken by the partner countries with support of project proponent, developer or investor.
  • Factsheets on application of SEA/EIA.


In absence of a legislative framework which requires mandatory application of SEA, the EaP countries lack capacities and practical experience in the application of the SEA in line with the Protocol on SEA and relevant EU legislation. Most of the plans and programme subject to SEA are sub-national or local land-use plan or other local plans which impact people’s everyday life. The capacity building activities will thus target both national and local authorities, whose involvement is vital for the development of successful SEA/EIA systems. National authorities will be enabled to provide advice and training on SEA to the local authorities. For better efficiency, training courses will be combined with carefully selected pilot SEA or EIA projects.


  • Contribute to the development of national SEA/EIA systems and practice.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the benefits of SEA/EIA and facilitating acceptance among decision-makers, relevant authorities and the public.
  • Elaborate and support implementation of recommendations for further improving the effectiveness of SEA and EIA systems.


Practical experience and national capacities for application SEA/EIA at the national and local level are available at the EAP countries.


Regional-level activities

National-level activities

Results achieved

Financial support provided to 10 representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine to take part at meetings of the Parties of the Espoo Convention and the Protocol on SEA (2-5 June, Geneva)

Subregional conference, presenting results on pilot project on post-project analysis with Belarus and Ukraine and capacity building on SEA
(15-16 April 2014, Minsk).

 Preparation of the study tour in the Czech Republic ‘Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment at the national level in the field of urban planning, waste management, agriculture and energy sector’ is ongoing.
(1-5 December, 2014).

Armenia: national training workshop on SEA was organized (28-29 November 2013, Yerevan). The selection of an SEA pilot project is ongoing.

Azerbaijan: Plan for initiation of a pilot project on application of SEA to Alternative Energy Strategy in Azerbaijan developed.

Belarus: Three local SEA training workshops were held (7-9 October, 2013, Gomel,  21-23 October, 2013, Brest, 24-25 October, 2013, Grodno).

Georgia: Waste management plan identified as a possible candidate for the pilot application of SEA.

Moldova: National training workshop on SEA (part 1) was carried out (30-31 July 2014, Chisinau); A pilot project on the application of the Draft Law on SEA to the Orhei town Master Plan development process initiated  (July – December 2014)


Ukraine: National training workshop on SEA conducted (1-4 October 1013, Kiev).

Belarus and Ukraine: a pilot  project on the post-project analysis (PPA) of environmental impact in transboundary context in Belarus and Ukraine, completed, including a meeting of the Task Force for project evaluation (17 December 2013), one virtual (for Ukraine, May 2014) and one physical public participation events (21 February, 2014), and a Subregional conference for disseminating results held (15 April 2014, Minsk).

Regional level: Three sets of training materials produced based on the national conditions of Armenia and Ukraine and local conditions in Belarus. Training methodology elaborated and used at the training events.

Armenia: Implementation of the pilot project is pending due to the institutional changes.

Azerbaijan: MOU for the implementation of the pilot project prepared and pending final approval from Azerbaijan.

Georgia: based on the request of the national counterparts the pilot project will either be postponed until the country developed its national legislation or cancelled in favour of drafting of necessary by-laws to support development of national EIA and SEA legislative framework.

Moldova: draft training materials are produced based on the national conditions.

Belarus and Ukraine: a pilot project on PPA of environmental impact in transboundary context in Belarus and Ukraine is completed, including a report by the bilateral working group for the environmental Monitoring of Khotislavskoye quarry and expert assessment of the pilot project  and  recommendations for improving transboundary EIA procedure and post-project analysis


ANNUAL PLAN 2014-2015

Regional-level activities

National-level activities

Expected results

Study tour in the Czech Republic ‘Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment at the national level in the field of urban planning, waste management, agriculture and energy sector’ ongoing. (1-5 December, 2014).

 Financial support to participation of representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine at the Working Group Meeting of the Espoo Convention and the Protocol on SEA (May, Geneva 2015).

 Sub-regional conference to exchange experience in drafting SEA / EIA legislation and bylaws, barriers on adoption of the legislation and implementation of the pilot projects, October 2015 (Georgia).

Discussion paper on use of the post project analysis at the region (January - May 2015).

   Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: National and local training workshops on SEA to support implementation of pilot projects (October 2014 – December 2015).

 Azerbaijan and Moldova: Finalizing the SEA pilot projects (October - December 2014 in Moldova) and (November 2014 – November 2015 in Azerbaijan).

Armenia, and Georgia (tbc): Planning and implementation of SEA pilot projects in (2014-2015).

Moldova: Developing Guidelines on application of EIA.

Regional level:

·         At least 65 participants completed the training course on application of SEA.

·         Training methodology updated and used at the training events.

Moldova and Azerbaijan: Pilot SEAs completed. Their results are shared at the national training and regional conferences.

Armenia and one in Georgia (tbc): Two pilot SEAs initiated.

Moldova: Guidance on application of EIA prepared.

Project outputsArmeniaAzerbaijanBelarus GeorgiaRepublic of MoldovaUkraine
Report on national level training on SEA




Report on local level training on SEA



National guidance documents on SEA
Report on pilot project on SEA
Report on pilot project on post-project analysis (transboundary EIA)
Factsheets on SEA