Summary of the Session 8e



                                                                                   Summary of the session


The session was chaired by Ms. Margaret Beckett (United Kingdom), Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Mr. Pieter van Geel (Netherlands), State Secretary for Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment, presented the Guidelines on strengthening compliance with and implementation of MEAs. 

Mr. Klaus Toepfer, UNEP Executive Director, gave the keynote address. 

The Conference endorsed the Guidelines for strengthening compliance with and implementation of MEAs in the UNECE region. It was decided to support countries with economies in transition, as appropriate, to build their capacities to comply with the obligations arising from MEAs.

The Conference welcomed the continuing development of compliance procedures under many UNECE environmental instruments as well as the efforts of the various enforcement and compliance networks within the region to share experience and develop best practices. It also welcomed the Guiding principles for reform of environmental enforcement authorities in transition economies of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia developed within the Task Force for the Implementation of the Environmental Action Programme for Central and Eastern Europe (EAP Task Force).