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                                                                                   Summary of the session
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The session was chaired by Mr. Philippe Roch (Switzerland), State Secretary for Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications.

Ms. Phani Daskalopoulou-Livada (Greece), Legal Counselor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented the draft protocol on civil liability and compensation for damage caused by the transboundary effects of industrial accidents on transboundary waters to the 1992 Conventions on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes and on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents.

Keynotes speeches were delivered by Mr. Roch, Mr. Vardin Ayvazian (Armenia), Minister of Environment and Vice-Chair, Mr. Miklós Persányi (Hungary), Minister of Environment and Water and Vice-Chair, and Mr. Gheorghe Duca (Republic of Moldova), Minister of Ecology, Construction and Territorial Development.
The Meeting unanimously adopted the Protocol on Civil Liability and Compensation for Damage Caused by the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents on Transboundary Waters, which, it hoped, would prove to be an important tool for ensuring adequate and prompt compensation for damage caused by the transboundary effects of industrial accidents on transboundary watercourses and for preventing industrial accidents.

The Meeting also adopted the decision by the Parties to the two respective Conventions.

Twenty-two countries signed the Protocol during the Conference. These countries are: Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

States that adopted and signed the Protocol invited all States that were eligible to do so to become Parties to the new instrument. They also invited all interested UNECE States that had not yet ratified or acceded to the Conventions to do so at the earliest opportunity.

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