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Summary of the session



                                                                                   Summary of the session

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The session was chaired by Ms. Lena Sommestad (Sweden), Minister for Environment, who introduced the draft statement on education for sustainable development.

Mr. Carl Lindberg (Sweden), State Under-Secretary, Ministry of Education, and Mr. Dimitry Kavtaradze (Russian Federation), Head of the Laboratory on Ecology and Environment Protection at the Moscow State University, made presentations.

The Conference endorsed by acclamation the Statement on Education for Sustainable Development and invited Education Ministers and other Ministers to take an active part in the development, in close cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), of a regional strategy for education for sustainable development by 2005.

It confirmed that education was a fundamental tool for environmental protection and sustainable development, and invited all countries to integrate sustainable development into education systems at all levels in order to promote education as a key agent for change. It also welcomed the proclamation by the United Nations General Assembly, at its 57th session (December 2002), of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development starting in 2005, and decided to take the lead in promoting it regionally in cooperation with the UNESCO and other relevant organizations.