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First meeting of Friends of SEIS

12 May 2014

The Group of Friends of the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) held its first meeting in Geneva on Monday, 12 May 2014.

The meeting was organised back-to-back to the Workshop on Water Indicators (13 May 2014) and to the 8th session of the Joint Task Force for Environmental Indicators (14-15 May 2014).

Documents for the meeting are posted in the table below. UNECE Weekly No. 578 includes an article on the meeting.

!!! The meeting aims to be a paperless event to the extent possible. Participants are encouraged to download the documents in electronic format. All documents for the meeting are being made available on this webpage. Please bring your laptops for working at the meeting. Kindly note that electrical power plugs and sockets are unique to Switzerland within the UNECE region (type J, three-pin, 230 V, 50 Hz), and respectively require an adaptor, though slim two-pin plugs (type C) will fit. !!!

Pre-session documents

Annotated provisional agenda for the meeting
Working paper no.1

ENG ------
Draft workplan of the Friends of SEIS for 2014-2015
Working paper no.2
ENG/ ENG------
Targets and performance indicators for developing SEIS
Working paper no.3
ENG/ ENG------
Targets and performance indicators for developing SEIS
Presentation by the UN ECE secretariat
The Group of Friends of SEIS
As at 8 May 2014
Post-session documents
Report of the meeting
ECE/CEP/2014/7 (pre-session document for CEP-20)
List of participants
As at 12 May 2014

Outline on the establishment of a regular assessment and reporting process underpinned by the gradual development of a Shared Environment Information System

A review of Shared Environment Information System-related developments with an impact on environmental assessment and reporting since the Seventh “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference
Input by the “Environment for Europe” partners into the gradual development of a Shared Environment Information System

Terms of reference of Friends of SEIS
ECE/EX/11 (as approved by ECE Executive Committee on 6 February 2014, see annex II)


All participants attending the meeting of the Friends of SEIS are requested to complete the registration form and to transmit it to the UNECE secretariat preferably before 22 April 2014 and no later than 28 April 2014 by e-mail (to: efe [at] unece.org with a copy to ludmila.boichuk [at] unece.org). On their way to the meeting, delegates should obtain an identification badge at the Pass and Identification Unit of the United Nations Office at Geneva’s Security and Safety Section, located at the Pregny Gate, 14, Avenue de la Paix (see map). It will be necessary to present your passport or identity card and the original of the registration form. In case of difficulty, please contact the secretariat (Ms. Ludmila Boichuk) by telephone at +41 22 917 2364.

Practical Information for the delegates