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Subject: Draft Revised UNFC-2008 and Draft Accompanying Explanatory Note From: World Energy Council

6 February 2009

The latest draft description and explanatory note introduce a welcome degree of simplification and clarity to a complex subject. Whilst there are no specific queries or comments on the text, it would be much appreciated if there were an opportunity during the forthcoming Sixth Session of the Group of Experts, 25-27 March, to make a brief exposition on the revision of the WEC's fossil fuel questionnaires for the Survey of Energy Resources. The revised versions will incorporate, as far as possible, the principles of the UNFC. There are several major problems, including the need to convert from a multi-dimensional, project-based classification (UNFC) to a simplified, national-scale design suitable for distribution to nearly 100 WEC member countries.

Ms Judy Trinnaman and Mr Alan Clarke
World Energy Council