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UNECE and Security of Energy Supply Roundtable

Published: January 2003

Roundtable on the "Security of Energy Supply" was organised in Geneva on 20 November 2002, at the time of the 12th Annual Session of the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy.

 Interactive proceedings of the Roundtable have been published by UNECE as a CD-ROM entitled "New Energy Security Threats". This CD-ROM provides a comprehensive overview of the Roundtable incorporating clear explanations from a wide range of high-level sources about the key energy security problems faced by policy makers, the energy industries and global financial markets Details are also included of all the speakers and their presentations ("the Speakers Gallery"), video clips of the Press Conference and a copy of all the UNECE Secretariat material prepared prior to and after the event. A copy of the layout of the information available on the CD-ROM is provided below.

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Sales No: G.V.E.03.08
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Energy Series No.19