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Seventh Session of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal in Sustainable Development

7 - 8 December 2004


Document TitleENGFRERUS

Thermal Coal Market Update Prepared by Mr. Andrew Fikkers, Manager Market Analysis, Barlow Jonker Pty Ltd, Australia



Metallurgical Coal Market Update Prepared by Mr. Andrew Fikkers, Manager Market Analysis, Barlow Jonker Pty Ltd, Australia 219KB PDF 
The Turnaround in the Global Steel Industry: 2004/2005 in Perspective Prepared by Mr. Domenico Maiello, Maran Coal, Italy 2928KB PDF 
Global and Regional Demand Perspectives to 2030 and Beyond Prepared by  Mr. Klaus Brendow, Senior Adviser, World Energy Council (WEC) 211KB PDF 
Le Charbon en France Prepared by Mr. Sami Louati, Chargé de Mission, MINEFI - DGEMP, France 83KB PDF 
Current Situation and Perspectives of the German Coal Industry Prepared by Mr. Bernd Bogalla, Gesamtverbandes des Deutschen Steinkohlenbergbaus, Germany 1021 KB PDF presentation
State-of-the Art and Prospects of the Russian Coal Industry - General Outlook Prepared by Mr. Vladimir Shchadov Vice President, Federal Agency on Energy, Russian Federation 150KB PDF
166 KB PDF
European Coal-Sector Restructuring Revisited Prepared by Mr. Simon Walker, Principal, Independent Editorial and Technical Services (I.E.T.S.), United Kingdom 65KB PDF
Sustainable Development of Romanian Mining Industry Prepared by Ms. Florica Baltaretu, Director of Research, PATROMIN, Romania 238KB PDF

Overview of Dynamics of Romanian Coal Sector Restructuring  Prepared by Mr. Margarit Slevoaca, Counsellor, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Romania

Restructuring of the Polish Hard Coal Industry Prepared by Mr. Jan Piekorz, Deputy Director, Industrial Development Agency JSC, Poland 825 KB PDF
Spanish Coal Sector Restructuring Prepared by Mr. Esteban Orbegozo Gaztañaga, Mining Engineer - Technical Adviser Institute for the Coal Mines Restructuration M.Y.T.Y.C, Spain 124KB PDF

Turkish Lignite Sector and Restructuring of TKI Prepared by Ms. Mücella Ersoy, Chief Engineer, Turkish Coal Enterprises, Turkey