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Eighth Session of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal in Sustainable Development

2 - 3 February 2006


Documents Title


Carbon Capture and Storage under the Kyoto Protocol
Prepared by Mr. Jelmer Hoogzaad, Associate, Climate Focus B.V., Netherlands

268 KB


Meeting our Energy Needs: Driving Forward Coal’s Role in a Clean, Clever and Competitive Energy Future
Prepared by Mr. Brian Ricketts, Administrator, Energy Diversification Division, Office of Long-term Co-operation and Policy Analysis, International Energy Agency (IEA)

259 KB


Coal Mines Hydrogen
Prepared by Ms. Anna Marzec, Professor of Fuel Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

15 KB


Energy Efficiency 21
Prepared by Mr. Gianluca Sambucini, UNECE 

156 KB


G8 Action Plan for Climate Change:
Coal Related Activities by the IEA
Prepared by Mr. John Topper, Managing Director, IEA Clean Coal Centre

2 798 KB


Focus and Activities of the World Coal Institute (WCI) 
Ms. Christine Copley, Senior Manager, World Coal Institute (WCI)

268 KB