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17th Session of the Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency 21 Project

29 - 30 May 2006

Document TitleENGFRERUS
Annotated Provisional Agenda for the Seventeenth Session ECE/ENERGY/WP.4/2006/1 [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Final Report Energy Efficiency Investment Project Development for Climate Change Mitigation ECE/ENERGY/WP.4/2006/2 [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Results of a Web Survey on the Energy Efficiency 21 Project ECE/ENERGY/WP.4/2006/3 [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Monitoring and Evaluation Report on the Energy Efficiency Investment Project Development for Climate Change Mitigation 2000-2005 (ECE-CIS-99-043) ECE/ENERGY/WP.4/2006/4 [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Draft Project Plan 2006-2009 for the Energy Efficiency 21 Project


Report on the Seventeenth Session ECE/ENERGY/WP.4/2006/6 [PDF] 
Provisional Timetable
Document TitleENGRUS
29 May 2006     

Энергоэффективность в Российской Федерации
Соловьев Михаил Михайлович, Департамент ТЭКМинпромэнерго России

4466 KB  [PDF]

Energy Efficiency in the Republic of Belarus
Achievements and Prospects
Lev Dubovik, Chairman of the Committee on Energy Efficiency in Belarus

 190 KB [PDF] 

Recent Developments of the EE21 Project
Introduction by the Secretariat

75 KB



ENEA Experience in Energy Efficiency of End-uses and Buildings
Milena Presutto, Advisor, Unit for Sustainable Development, ENEA, Italy
462 KB [PDF]  
Activities and products 2005-2006 Activities of EnEffect and RENEUER
Zdravko Genchev, EnEffect
6994 KB [PDF] 

Report of the Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser to the United Nations Foundation
Glen Skovholt, UNF Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser

45 KB [PDF]  

Draft PROJECT PLAN 2006-2009

52 KB [PDF]  
30 May 2006     

Sustainable Approach to Build Local Capacity
How the initial UNECE EE21 support contributed to the implementation of the EDEPB requirements in Bulgaria
Zdravko Genchev, EnEffect

120 KB [PDF]  
"Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency Improvements in the State Sector in Belarus"
Evgeniy Nadezhdhne, ECE Regional Adviser
118 KB [PDF]  
Committee for Energy Efficiency of Belarus
“Biomass Energy” Project Progress"
Vladimir Vetikhovich, Project Manager
372 KB [PDF]  

Green Labels Purchase
Making a Greener Procurement with Energy Labels
Project Description and Work Programme
Milena Presutto, Advisor, Unit for Sustainable Development, ENEA, Italy

96 KB [PDF]  

Coal Mine Methane in CEE and CIS
Clark Talkington, UNECE/SED, ECE Economic Affairs Officer

39 KB [PDF]  

Institute of Physical Energetics, Experience and the Best Practise in Energy Projects
Peteris Shipkovs , Galina Kashkarova, Kristina Lebedeva, Energy Resources Laboratory, Institute of Physical Energetics, Latvia

234 KB [PDF]  

Some of eERG Current Activities in line with EE 21 Project Strategy
Nicola Labanca, end-use Efficiency Research Group (eERG), Politecnico di Milano, Italy

75 KB [PDF]  

Intelligent Management System of the Recreational Tourist Economic Zone on the Seliger Territory
Svetlana Prokopchina and Andrey Fedichkin

1306 KB [PDF]  

Potential and Prospectives for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments in Ukraine for Climate Change Mitigation
Mykola Raptsun, President, Agency f or Rational Energy Use a nd Ecology

161 KB [PDF]  

EIB’s activities in support of the EU’s Climate Change Programme
Henry Marty-Gauquié, Director - Liaison with International Organisations, EIB Group – Paris Office

434 KB [PDF]  

EIB Special presentation on the Energy Efficiency Financing in Belarus
Irina Ananich, Executive Manager of Revolving Fund: Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects in Bealrus using the Revolving Fund Mechanism

90 KB [PDF]  

The Experience of IXIS CIB in Creating Public Private Partnership Vehicles
Heneage Legge-Bourke, Director , Corporate Finance, IXIS Corporate & Investment Bank, France

320 KB [PDF]  
Transfer of Technology-some examples of how to promote Climate Change Mitigation
Elizabeth Marshall, F. Inst. Energy, UK
807 KB [PDF]