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Sixth Session of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal in Sustainable Development

17 - 18 November 2003


Document TitleENGFRERUS
Provisional Agenda for the Sixth Session
Report of the Sixth Session
ENERGY/GE.1/2003/3 [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Introduction to the Global Coal Mine Methane Industry
Potential for Economies in Transition to Leverage Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms: General Considerations for Coal Mine Methane
Global and Regional Coal Demand Perspectives to 2030 and Beyond
Investment in Coal Supply
Final Questionnaire: Economic and Social Impacts of Restructuring of the Coal Industries of the Transition Economies
Capacity Building for Air Quality Management and the Application of Clean Coal Combustion Technologies in Central Asia
Implementing Flue Gas Desulphurization in an Existing Power Plant
--- ---

The Coal Industry In The Russian Federation: Current Status And Future Trends In Structural Change

Document TitleENG
Sustainable Energy from Abandoned Coal Mines
Prepared by Mr. Cameron Davies,  Alkane Energy, United Kingdom
609 KB [PDF]
Air Pollution Control Regulatory & Technology Development
Prepared by Mr. Alain Bill, Alstom
750 KB [PDF]
Demand, Supply and Prospects for Coal in the UNECE region; Country Report Germany
Prepared by Mr. Bernd Bogalla, Gesamtverband des deutschen Steinkohlenbergbaues, Germany
16 KB [PDF]
Global and Regional Coal Demand Perspectives to 2030 and Beyond
Prepared by Mr.  Klaus  Brendow, World Energy Council (WEC)
347 KB [PDF]
Potential for Carbon Capture and Storage
Prepared by Mr. John Cameron, International Energy Agency (IEA)
229 KB [PDF]
Investment in Coal : Focus on the Economies-in-Transition
Prepared by Mr. John Cameron, International Energy Agency (IEA)
91 KB [PDF]
Thermal Coal - is it as Widely Available as often Supposed?
Prepared by Mr. Graham Chapman, Barlow Jonker Pty Limited
998 KB [PDF]
Public Image of Coal
Prepared by Ms. Christine Copley, World Coal Institute, United Kingdom
87 KB [PDF]
Current Status of Turkish Lignite Sector 
Prepared by Ms. Mucella Ersoy, Turkish Coal Enterprises, Turkey
492 KB [PDF]
Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum: An Overview
Prepared by Mr. Miles Greenbaum, Office of Coal and Power Import and Export, U.S. Department of Energy, United States
4 397 KB [PDF]
Capacity Building for Air Quality Management and the Application of Clean Coal Combustion Technologies in Central Asia; 
Project Proposal Submitted for Funding under Fourth Tranche of UN Development Account 2004-2006
Prepared by Ms. Charlotte Griffiths, UNECE
380 KB


Euracoal - European Association for Coal and Lignite
Prepared by Mr. Leopold Janssens, Secretary General, Euracoal
1 190 KB [PDF]
Outlook for Development of Russian Coal Industry
Prepared by Mr. Sergey Klimov, Russian Federation
1118 KB [PDF]
International Coal Trade and Price Developments in 2003
Prepared by Mr. Domenic Maiello, Norfolk Souhtern, Italy
3 274 KB [PDF]
Coal Methane: Potential Energy Prospects for Kazakhstan
Prepared by Mr. Evgeniy Alekseev, Methane Center , Kazakhstan
889 KB [PDF]
CBM/CMM Capture: Converting CH4 into  $,  and ?
Prepared by Mr. John Palmisano, Energy & Communications Solutions LLC, Washington DC, United States
189 KB [PDF]
The Restructuring of the Mining Sector
Prepared by Mr. Margarit Slevoaca, Department for Mineral Resources, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Romania
952 KB [PDF]
Development of the SME Sector in CITs & Emerging Market Economies
Prepared by Mr. Antal Szabo, UNECE
1 547 KB [PDF]
Implementing Flue Gas Desulphurization Technology in an Existing Power Plant
Prepared by Mr. Miroslav Walis, Enprima Engineering, Czech Republic
698 KB [PDF]
Economic Considerations - Can We Afford Carbon Sequestration and When Can We Have it?: Hans-Joachim ZIOCK, Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA


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