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As a follow-up event to the International Conference on Financing for Development held at Monterrey, Mexico in 2002, UNECE is organizing the


Financing for Development in the ECE Region: Promoting Growth
in Low-income Transition Economies

to be held on 21 February 2005 at the Palais des Nations


UNECE is inviting submissions of empirical, policy-oriented papers with a focus on the economies of the ECE region. Papers focusing on the economies of South Eastern Europe and the CIS are particularly welcome. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

Strategies for development, policy mix and financing 

  • What are/should be the investment priorities in strategies for development and how can the resulting financing needs be addressed most efficiently?
  • Public financing for development: Using proceeds from privatization or natural resource exports for stabilization/rainy day funds?
  • The role of the private sector (access to financial markets and bank loans, public private partnerships, worker remittances, etc.)
  • The role of the International Financial Institutions in financing development: ownership and conditionality. What lessons can be drawn from the suspension of some national poverty-reduction facilities in 2003 and 2004?
  • Bilateral ODA: eligibility and conditionality; crowding out versus crowding in domestic investment; policies to avoid aid-dependency

Trade and development 

  • What can the international community do to improve incentives to trade liberalisation in CIS economies?
  • What is the impact of the emerging Southeast European free-trade area, based on 21 bilateral agreements between 7 countries, on trade and development in the region?
  • How can the differences in the trade performance between low-income Southeast European and CIS countries be explained?
  • The role of WTO accession in promoting trade liberalisation and policy discipline in the CIS


    How to minimize any short-term negative implications of WTO accession? Will the new IMF financing facility help?



    Trade liberalization in the CIS: Can the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe be a role model?


FDI and development  

  • The impact of FDI on trade, including intra-firm trade and market access
  • FDI and trade liberalization (the effect of market size on FDI inflows)
  • The impact of FDI on economic growth and structural change (spillovers, dual economies)
  • The contribution of FDI to balance of payments financing
  • Obstacles to FDI and policies to overcome them
  • Priority sectors (e.g. to what extent can FDI in the financial sector improve resource mobilization throughout the economy?)

Debt sustainability

  • An assessment of current debt burdens and their sustainability
  • Links between government finances and external debt

  • Policies to reverse capital flight

  • Domestic policies to prevent the accumulation of excessive foreign debt

  • The contribution of the international community to preventing the accumulation of excessive foreign debt

  • How to deal with excessive debt burdens

The deadline for submissions of draft papers is 1 September 2004. Paper proposals containing a detailed outline of issues to be studied, expected results, and methods and data to be used will also be considered. Submissions should be in English, accompanied by short author CVs, and should be sent by e-mail in either MS Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format to


The organizing committee will notify authors of its decision by 15 September 2004. At that time, selected authors will be offered a consultancy contract by the UNECE to write and present the paper and possibly serve as discussant. They will be paid a fee of US $2,500 upon satisfactory completion and submission of the final paper and other deliverables. In addition, the UNECE will cover travel costs to Geneva of selected authors (one author per paper) in accordance to UN Regulations and Rules. The deadline for receipt of final drafts of accepted papers will be 15 December 2004.

For further information please contact

  Jaromir Cekota
phone: +41 22 917 2445
  Ralph Heinrich
phone: +41 22 917 1269

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
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