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UNECE Spring Seminar 2005 Papers

Financing for Development in the ECE Region: Promoting Growth in Low-income Transition Economies Geneva, 21 February 2005


Paper 1
Politics of Banking Reform and Development
in the Post-Communist Transition
by Steven Fries
Deputy Chief Economist, EBRD

Paper 2
The Effects of Transition and Political Instability on FDI in ECE emerging markets
by T. Yigit, J. Brada, A. Kutan
Bilkent University, Arizona State University and Southern Illinois University, respectively

Paper 3
Trade Liberalisation in Southeast Europe -
Recent Trends and Some Policy Implications
by M. Uvalic

University of Perugia

Paper 4
Russia in the Post-Soviet Space: Search for Rational Behavior and Prospects of Economic Integration
by R. Grinberg
Institute for International Economic and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Paper 5
How to Sustain Growth in Resource-rich Economies
by R. Ahrend

Paper 6
Prudential Financial Management in Resource-rich Economies
by Y. Kalyuzhnova, University of Reading, and M. Kaser, University of Birmingham and Oxford University