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Competitiveness and Economic Growth in the UNECE Region

These papers are being circulated by the secretariat as received from the authors. They will be revised for publication and should not be quoted without authorization from the authors.

Paper I: Competitiveness, growth and catching up in the UNECE region by: Karl Aiginger, Austrian Institute of Economic Research - PDF or DOC
Paper II: The determinants of competitiveness in the knowledge-driven economy: education, R&D and innovation in the UNECE region by: Professor Jan Fagerberg, University of Oslo -   PDF or DOC
Paper III: The competitiveness of regions and localities within the UNECE economies by: Professor Gyula Horvath, Hungarian Academy of Sciences - PDF or DOC
Paper IV: The role of governments in fostering competitiveness and growth by: Ken Warwick , Department of Trade and Industry, Government of the United Kingdom - PDFor PPT