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From Plan to Market: the transition process after ten years

Morning Session
10.00 hrs.
Session I: From Plan to Market, From Regime Change to Sustained Growth in Central and Eastern Europe
(to be chaired by Mr. Y. Berthelot, Executive Secretary, ECE)
- Ivan Berend, (Hungarian Academy of Sciences and UCLA, Los Angeles)

- Erik Berglöf, (Director of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics and East European Economies (SITE), Stockholm School of Economics)

- Jan Svejnar, (Executive Director, William Davidson Institute and Professor, University of Michigan Business School)

- Paul Welfens, (Jean Monnet Chair in European Economic Integration, University of Potsdam)

11.30 hrs.
Session II: The Social Costs and Consequences of the Transformation Process
(to be chaired by Mr. Y. Berthelot, Executive Secretary, ECE)
- Michael Ellman, (Professor, University of Amsterdam)

- Alexandru Athanasiu, (Professor, University of Bucharest; Minister of Labour, 1997-1999; Prime Minister ad interim, December 1999)

- Martina Lubyova, (Institute for Forecasting, Bratislava)

- Alena Nesporova, (Senior Specialist, Employment Strategy Department, International Labor office, Geneva )

13.00 hrs. Lunch break
Afternoon Session
15.30 hrs.
Session III: Macroeconomic Policies and Achievements in the Transition Economies, 1989-1999
(to be chaired by Mr. P. Rayment, Director, EAD/ECE)
- Stanislaw Gomulka, (London School of Economics and Adviser to Minister of Finance, Poland)

- George Kopits, (Assistant Director, Fiscal Policy Dept., IMF, Washington)

- Sylvana Malle, (Head, Non-Member Economies Division, OECD, Paris)

- Joze Mencinger, (Professor, Ekonomski Institut Pravne Fakultete, Ljubljana)

16.30 hrs.
Session IV: Structural Change in the Transition Economies since 1989
(to be chaired by Ms. D. Hübner, Deputy Executive Secretary, ECE)

- Michael Landesmann, (Research Director, WIIW, Vienna)


- Leonid Grigoriev, (Director General, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Moscow)

- Paul Hare, (Professor, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)

- Andras Nagy, (Professor, Institute of Economics, Budapest)