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Economic Implications of Population Ageing in the ECE Region

Morning Session
10.00 hrs.
Session I: The economic consequences of population ageing and the macroeconomics of pension reform
Keynote speaker:
- John EATWELL, (Member of the House of Lords, Professor of Economics and President of Queen's College, Cambridge)

- Colin GILLION, (Director, Social Security Dept., ILO)

- Domenico Mario NUTI, (Professor, University of Rome "La Sapienza" and London Business School)

- Tomas WEISS, (Deputy Head of Economics Division, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Bonn)

11.30 hrs.
Session II: Pension reform in market economies
Keynote speaker:
- Lawrence THOMPSON, (Senior Fellow, Urban Institute, Washington, D.C.)

- Johann K. BRUNNER, (Professor, University of Linz)

- Joakim PALME, (Swedish Institute for Social Research, University of Stockholm)

- Andras UTHOFF, (Regional Adviser, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean)

13.00 hrs. Lunch break

Afternoon Session
15.30 hrs.
Session III: Reforming pension systems in the transition economies: problems and policies within a broader programme of transformation
Keynote speaker:
- Maria AUGUSZTINOVICS, (Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

- Jerzy HAUSNER, (Professor, Academy of Economic Science, Cracow)

- Romas LAZUTKA, (Director, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Vilnius)

- Paul WACHTEL, (Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University)

16.30 hrs.
Session IV: Panel discussion: What are the implications for pension reforms of the global financial and economic crisis?

- Jean-Michel CHARPIN, (Commissaire, Commissariat Général du Plan, Paris)


- Jiri RUSNOK, (Deputy Minister of Labour, responsible for Social Insurance and Income Policy, Czech Republic)

- Brigitte GRANVILLE, (Head, International Economics Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, and Centre for Advanced International Studies, Moscow)

- Tatyana MALEVA, (Bureau of Economic Analysis, Moscow)

- Daniel WYDLER, (Director, Banque Pictet et Cie., Geneva)