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Kamilo Vrana

Kamilo Vrana - photo

Mr. Kamilo Vrana was born in 1955 and graduated in 1978 at Electrotechnical Faculty in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1980 he lives in Croatia and spent the most of its professional carrier as the projects manager and corporate manager in Croatia and abroad.

After the election in 2000 Mr. Vrana took an important role in the Croatian Ministry of Economy, participating in fundamental market and legal reforms in Croatia as the Assistant Minister for Trade and Acting Governor of the State Facility Reserves.

Accepting an invitation to join Foreign Service Mr. Vrana took the post of the Consul General in Istanbul, Turkey and after returning to Zagreb, becomes the Head of the Department for the Bilateral Economic Co-operation in the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU Integrations.

In 2007 Mr. Vrana joined the Croatian negotiation team for EU integrations and took the leading national and active international role in the PPP development as the Head of the Croatian PPP Agency since its establishment, leader of the Southeast PPP Network under the auspices of the Regional Co-operation Council (RCC), member of European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC) and prominent member of the UNECE/CECI Team of Specialists on PPP.

At present, Mr. Kamilo Vrana is back to international business as the President of the Board of Energovizija Inc. and General Manager of Meteko Ltd.

As the member of the TOS on PPP Bureau, Mr. Vrana initiated two joint regional conferences, the first organised with the Croatian Agency for PPP and the second with the Monte Negro State Concession Commission. With an interest and understanding of the key role UNECE/CECI TOS on PPP should have in the global knowledge exchange, education, training and improvement of PPP implementation standards, Mr. Vrana also strongly supported the UNECE PPP Initiative and the process of establishment of the UN International Centre of Excellence, training programmes and PPP Specialists Centres.