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3. Encourage shared learning especially between countries new to PPPs and those with mature PPP programmes

In the spirit of cooperation between member States, the ICoE will encourage the sharing of the PPP experience attained by countries with a proven track record of delivering PPP projects in a variety of sectors with the countries getting started in the PPP journey.

Various forms of cooperation could be envisaged, including twinning and mentoring, and study tours by the representatives from existing operational PPP units with their counterparts in countries and agencies which are getting started.

For example, as a part of UNECE and UNOG cooperation, UNOG requested UNECE to help it in the organization of actual visits of PPP projects that resemble the Palais des Nations. At UNECE advice, UNOG has identified two actual operational PFI projects, the HM Treasury and the Ministry of Defence, and a potential PPP project of the UK Home Office buildings for such visit. With great support of the Infrastructure UK a visit was organized for UNECE/UNOG delegation.

A strong emphasis is placed on the development of online resources to support all countries in implementing PPPs. For example, for PPP Days 2012 (Geneva, 21-24 February 2012) several video case studies were elaborated.