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Twelfth session of the Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies

5 - 6 December 2019

Salle XII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

The substantive segment of the team of Specialists session will be dedicated to the topic “Smart and sustainable cities: the role of governance and innovation policy”. Policy makers and representatives of cities, business, civil society and academia will share experiences from the ECE region on how to promote innovation in an urban context, how innovation can help solve sustainability challenges in cities, how to run cities in innovative ways so that technology benefits everyone and citizens can participate actively, and on what policy makers at all levels can do to facilitate the transition to smart sustainable cities. 

The second day of the Team of Specialists session will feature inter alia discussions on high-level innovation policy principles for sustainable development and on UNECE’s first pilot sub-regional innovation policy index.

To attend the twelfth session of the Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies, 5-6 December 2019, Geneva, Switzerland, registration is compulsory.

 We are encouraging participants to register online. Please go to the following web-link at: https://uncdb.unece.org/app/ext/meeting-registration?id=VGrmso and create your UNECE profile. In case of difficulties you may refer to online user manual at wiki.unece.org/display/OMR/Online+Meeting+Registration+Guidelines

 If you have already participated in UNECE meetings, your profile may have some information pre-filled upon creation. In case of difficulties please contact the secretariat by email (ludmila.boichuk@un.org).

 Since Switzerland is part of the Schengen Zone, obtaining a visa might take up to 5 weeks. Participants needing a visa are therefore requested to submit their application as soon as possible and initiate visa procedures at least four weeks before the meeting.

 Prior to the meeting, delegates are requested to present themselves, with a valid identification card/passport, at the UNOG Security and Safety Section, located at the Pregny entrance to obtain a security badge to enter the Palais (in case of a problem, please call 022 917 15 14).

 Documents for the meeting and information for Delegates are also available.

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Provisional agenda for the meeting
ECE/CECI/ICP/2019/1, advance copy
Report of the 13th session of CICPPP