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Within the United Nations framework of the Economic and Social Council, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) serves as the focal point for trade facilitation recommendations and electronic business standards, covering both commercial and government business processes that can foster growth in international trade and related services.  In this context, the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) was established, as a subsidiary, intergovernmental body of the UNECE Committee on Trade, mandated to develop a programme of work of global relevance to achieve improved worldwide coordination and cooperation in these areas.

Recent News

18 May 2017:  UN/CEFACT is pleased to announce the launch of a white paper project on paperless trade. This joint project with the World Economic Forum will aim to provide a short issue brief outlining the history, the current context and some best practices of paperless trade. The first conference call is scheduled for Friday, 26 May and the project aims to complete the first draft by July and the final draft for September 2017. If you are interested in joining this project, please contact the project lead, Lance Thompson.

4 May 2017: The UN/CEFACT Bureau is happy to announce a call for candidatures for Domain Coordinators.
Domain Coordinators are nominated by the Bureau for periods of two years, renewable. The Terms of Reference of Domains and Domain Coordinators are available.
If you are interested in proposing your candidature, please see the documents linked.  Deadline for submissions are 9 June 2017.

3 May 2017: The Bureau of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and eBusiness (UN/CEFACT), with support from the UNECE Secretariat, is conducting the first Survey on "UN/CEFACT Deliverables Use" to gather relevant data and information from UN/CEFACT Heads of Delegations, private sector, public sector as well as Standards Developing Organizations and academia. The results of this Survey will lead to the production of a Report on how and with what frequency UN/CEFACT deliverables are being used. The Report will be presented at the 24th UN/CEFACT Plenary in 2018. Kindly provide your input to the survey by 15 September 2017, by filling in the questionnaire.  For any questions or requests for additional information please contact Mrs. Maria Ceccarelli.

1 May 2017: This is to announce a 60-day public review until 1 July 2017 concerning the Traceability of Primary Natural Products from Plant or Animal Origin. All eventual comments can be addressed using the prescribed template to Niki Dieckmann.

1 May 2017: UN/CEFACT is pleased to launch a call for participation for the new project entitled “CII-BRS Repository.” The purpose of this project is to provide concrete examples of how the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice (CII) is being implemented through a repository of case studies and to provide guidance on implementation.
To register interest in participating or for more information, please contact Mr. Rolf Wessel. The development of this project can be followed on the Collaborative UN/CEFACT Environment project page

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