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Within the United Nations framework of the Economic and Social Council, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) serves as the focal point for trade facilitation recommendations and electronic business standards, covering both commercial and government business processes that can foster growth in international trade and related services.  In this context, the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) was established, as a subsidiary, intergovernmental body of the UNECE Committee on Trade, mandated to develop a programme of work of global relevance to achieve improved worldwide coordination and cooperation in these areas.

Recent News

6 October 2017: UN/CEFACT is pleased to launch a call for participation for the new project entitled "Sustainable Procurement" Project. The purpose of this project is to identify policies, standards and good practices for sustainable public and private procurement, and their impact on trade facilitation. The project also identifies common requirements and provides recommendations as to their use in such a way to minimize administrative burdens and facilitate cross border trade and access of transition and developing economies to procurement opportunities worldwide, in line with both the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. For more information, contact the Project Leader: Enrico Camerinelli

3 October 2017: UN/CEFACT is please to announce the launch of a project on Single Submission Portals. In the recent terminology technical note, UN/CEFACT developped alternative vocabulary for solutions which can offer similar facilitation measure to a Single Window but that may not cover all the aspects of the Recommendation 33 definition. This project will develop guidance on one such type of solution, setting out the variations that may exist and what governments and trade can do to facilitate their establishment. If you would like more information, please contact the project lead, Ibrahima Diagne or co-lead Kepeng Li.

3 October 2017: UN/CEFACT is pleased to announce the launch of a project on Smart Containers. This project will look at the business processes and potential data to be exchanged between smart containers and the rest of the supply chain actors, notably in view of expediting border clearance. If you are interest in joining this project, please contact the project lead, Hanane Becha

18 September 2017: UN/CEFACT is please to announce the launch of a project on Canonical Models within the Harmonization Programme Development Area. This technical assessment of UN/CEFACT deliverables will check against the use of the UMM and the CCTS as well as address a global move towards event driven architecture. The deliverables will be internal documents to outline the way forward on this subject. The first official meetings will take place during the UN/CEFACT Forum in Rome, Italy on Tuesday, 3 October. If you are interested in joining this project, please contact the project lead, Tat Tsen Jonathon Koh.

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Guide pour l’élaboration d’une feuille de route nationale sur la facilitation du commerce (ECE/TRADE/420)