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Within the United Nations framework of the Economic and Social Council, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) serves as the focal point for trade facilitation recommendations and electronic business standards, covering both commercial and government business processes that can foster growth in international trade and related services.  In this context, the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) was established, as a subsidiary, intergovernmental body of the UNECE Committee on Trade, mandated to develop a programme of work of global relevance to achieve improved worldwide coordination and cooperation in these areas.

Recent News

07 September 2015: UN/CEFACT reminds the cut-off dates for submission of new DMRs for CCL D15B and EDIFACT D15B:

- 15th of September 2015 (for CCL)

- 21st of September 2015 (for EDIFACT)

07 September 2015: Call for Participation on Project "Update of Recommendation 1 on UN Layout Key for Trade Documents". UN/CEFACT has launched a revision project of Recommendation 1 on UN LAYOUT KEY which aims to consolidate existing material into a single set of guidelines with supporting annexes. Relevant experts and interested parties are invited to join the project team which shall work during the next six to eight months, working mainly through conference calls and other electronic means. The following documents will be revised during the project:

- Recommendation 1, 1981, ECE/TRADE/137
- Addendum to Recommendation 1, 2001, TRADE/CEFACT/2001/15
- Informative Annex to Recommendation No 1 - Guidelines for Application 2002, ECE/TRADE/270

For more information, contact the Domain Coordinator: Paloma Bernal Turnes

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21 August 2015: The UN/CEFACT Schema library version D.15A has been approved and is now available along with the validation report and release notes.

5 August 2015:  Registration for 26th UN/CEFACT Forum is now open.

6 July 2015: UNECE Secretariat has released the 2015-1 UN/LOCODE directory.


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