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Meeting of Experts on Financing for Innovative Development

3 - 4 May 2007


Document TitleENGFRERUS
Provisional Agenda ECE/CECI/FID/2007/1PDF PDFPDF
Report ECE/CECI/FID/2007/2 PDF

Session 1. Financing Innovation: Early Support Programmes
and the Role of Business Angels

                      Document Title

BAs and Seed Funds: Towards a European Early Stage Market
Mr. Luigi Amati,
Chief Executive Officer,
META Group

Global Problems of Access to Finance and Innovation
Hugh Morgan Williams, CBI, SME Council UK
Vice President, BusinessEurope
SME and Entrepreneurship Committee

Business Angel Investing in Europe
Ms. Claire Munck,
General Manager, European Business Angel Network

IBAN, the Italian Experience Concerning Angels Investors Activities
Presented by Mr. Paolo Anselmo,
President, Italian Business Angel Network


The Contribution of Structured Angel Groups in Peripheral / Low Density Regions - the Scottish Example
Presented by Mr. David Grahame,
Chief Executive Officer, LINC Scotland

Public-Private Partnering in PreSeed Funding in Finland
Presented by Mr. Risto Kalske,
Director, Sitra, Finnish National Fund for Research and Development

Developing Venture Capital and Business Angels Industries from Zero. Methodology and Lessons Learned
Presented by Mr. Marc Lloveras,
Head of Financing, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (CIDEM)

Funding for Business Start-ups -The Irish Experience
Presented by Mr. William O’Brien,
Head of Equity, Enterprise Ireland


Session 2. Venture Capital as an Engine for Innovation

Venture Capital: Spice for European Economies
Presented by Mr. Thomas Meyer,
Economist, Deutsche Bank Research
. .
Venture Capital Outlook: Perspectives for Europe and the Related Effects on Innovation Financing
Presented by Ms. Julie Teigland, Head Venture Capital Advisory Group
(Germany and Central / Eastern Europe) Ernst&Young
Identifying Best Practices for Financing High Potential Companies in Emerging Economies through Private Equity and Venture Capital
Presented by Ms. Marie-Annick Peninon Bernard
European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
Experience in Financing Private Equity Funds in Central and Eastern Europe: Case Studies
Presented by Ms. Kanako Sekine, Director of Equity Funds
and Ms. Alessandra Pasian, Principal Banker, EBRD
Venture Capital Industry in Russia
Presented by Ms. Albina Nikkonen, Chief Executive Officer
Russian Venture Capital Association

Innovation and Venture Capital Climate in Russia Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur and Investor
Presented by Mr. Alexander Galitsky
Partner, Russian Technologies Venture Fund

Session 3. Beyond Equity and Grants: Access to Finance
for Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises

Access to finance for innovative SME's . Main Activities of the European Commission's Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry
Presented by Mr. Angelo Wille,
Finance for SME, Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Directorate General Enterprise and Industry
European Commission


The ICE Risk Capital Policy Project: Some Policy Experiences from Leading Risk Capital Countries
Presented by Ms. Glenda Napier,
Head of Section, FORA, National Agency for Enterprise and Construction, Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Denmark


Improving Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Financing Innovation
Presented by Mr. Hugues Kamewe, Adviser, European Savings Banks Group, World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI)/European Savings Banks Group (ESBG)

Financing for Innovative Development in Poland
Presented by Mr. Piotr Slawski, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development


Early Stage/expansion Financing to Small Innovative Enterprises in Russia
Presented by Mr. Ivan Bortnik,
Director General, Federal Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), Russian Federation


Financing Innovation: The Role of Trade Finance Insurance
Presented by Mr. Emanuele Baldacci, Chief Economist
SACE, Italy .


Multi-stakeholder Consultations on Financing for Development
" Building Inclusive Financial Sectors for Development
& Regulation of Microfinance"
Presented by Mr. Alexander Trepelkov, Deputy Director,
Financing for Development Office, DESA, United Nations


Session 4: Enhancing the Role of National and Regional
Development Finance Institutions

Corporate Strategies for International Financial Institutions
Presented by Mr. Rémy Jacob,
Director General, Strategy and Corporate Centre Directorate,
European Investment Bank
. .
Role of Multilateral Development Banks in Emerging Economies: an EU perspective
Presented by Mr. Antonio de Lecea, Director, International Economic and Financial Affairs,
European Commission .
Best Practices of Development Banks: a View of the Private Sector
Presented by Mr. Emmanuel Moulin, Senior Government Banker, Citigroup .
From Development and Reconstruction to Sustainable Growth and Global Markets
Presented by Ms. Aleksandra Arbanas, Managing Director,
Credit Department,
Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Multi-stakeholder Consultations on Rethinking the Role of National Development Banks
Presented by Mr. Alexander Trepelkov, Deputy Director,
Financing for Development Office, DESA, United Nations
Blue Orchard and DFIs: Innovative Products
Presented by Mr. Jack Lowe,
Chief Executive Officer, Blue Orchard