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Bernard Nyembo

Project Director
The Credit Cooperative Bank for Development, Democratic Republic of Congo

Bernard is a committed citizen of the world. He has accumulated 28 years of international experience in banking (18 years), energy, commodities trading, and in humanitarian endeavors. He worked respectively as an Assistant risk manager and operations controller at Barclays Bank in Geneva, Zurich and Lugano, then as a financial analyst at Wells Fargo Bank, and as an Assistant Treasurer at Merrill Lynch Bank in San Francisco. He also performed as a Commercial Analyst at ENI-Agip Petroli, and as a Financial Manager with family offices in Geneva, Luxembourg, Vaduz and Gstaad.
Prior that Bernard was an Accountant at Zaire Gulf Oil (Exxon Group – Chevron) in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He also was an Assistant Credit Officer for Barclays Bank in Kinshasa.

In 2010, Bernard reoriented his career as an entrepreneur and a consultant in the field of Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs). He joined the global arena, focusing on Africa and the DR Congo where he explores and entices the niches relating to Trade, Banking and Finance, Food security, as well as Energy and Infrastructures.

Currently he is a Project Promoter and Director of a team designed to launching a cooperative bank for development in DRC. Bernard is assisting the installation of liaison offices in New York and in Geneva.

Bernard holds a Master degree in Finance with a major in New Technologies Management from the University of Phoenix in Pleasant Hills, California. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Financial Management – major Finance and Banking Management from Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri. In 2014 he will be resuming his PhD program in Economics Ethics. He took the challenge of combing studies with his job. In December 2014 Bernard will publish three books that he started writing in 2004: An Essay, a Novel, and an Auto-biography.

He is a Member of UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board since January, 2014.

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