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Eighth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

11 - 14 June 2017

Astana, Kazakhstan

Ministerial Conference and 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

The Eighth Forum will combine a ministerial meeting followed by a high-level plenary session with parallel workshops and site visits over four days. The Energy Ministerial Conference will kick-off the Eighth Forum on 11 June 2017 and follow the official opening of the EXPO 2017 "Future Energy" on 10 June 2017, which expects more than 5 million visitors over three months, more than 100 participating countries and international organizations and the private sector.

Ministers, high-level delegations and leading energy experts will explore how to drive change, the role of and need for regional cooperation and planning, and the imperative for nexus solutions as part of implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In particular, the interplay between fossil fuels, energy efficiency, and renewable energy will be in the spotlight. At the closing of the conference, ministers and heads of delegations will adopt a joint declaration which reaffirms the importance of energy collaboration among countries for tackling common energy challenges and shaping a sustainable energy future for all.


The Eighth Forum and energy ministerial will offer countries choices on how to attain the energy-related Sustainable Development Goals in their national contexts. 

The Eighth Forum provides the opportunity to reflect on the agreements and activities to date and further pursue a common agenda towards meeting the challenge. The objective of the Eighth Forum is therefore to build on the previous outcomes and experiences and to agree on potential solutions at an energy ministerial at the outset of the Eighth Forum, as a major stepping stone in the history of this international fora process.

EXPO 2017 "Future Energy" seeks to address global energy related challenges and presents therefore a unique opportunity for ministers to jointly discuss immediate solutions and quick fixes to global energy related challenges.

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Revised Concept note and draft outcome document of the Eighth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development and Energy Ministerial

Baku Call for action to achieve energy-related Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to the Paris Climate Agreement
Adopted at the 7th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, Baku, Azerbaijan
Yerevan Statement of Common Action

Adopted at the 6th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, Yerevan, Armenia

Joint Statement 5th International Forum (Hammamet Declaration)PDFPDF


11 June
Provisional Agenda of the Energy Ministerial ConferencePDFPDF
12 June
Provisional Agenda of the ForumPDFPDF
Provisional Detailed Agenda of the ForumPDF
Coal Mine Methane (CMM) as an under-valued energy source and the role it can play in transition of the coal industry  PDF

Findings of the REN21 UNECE Renewable Energy Status Report 2017


The socio-economic benefits of renewable energy


International Centre for Green Technology and Investments


Tracking Progress in Sustainable Energy: GTF Regional Reports and Regulatory Indicators of Sustainable Energy

13 June
Creating the Business Case for Energy Efficiency: Engaging Governments with IndustryPDF

Coal mine methane and its strategic role in climate change mitigation

14 June

Matchmaking for Renewable Energy Investment


From Diesel Generators to Renewable Energy in the Context of Crisis

Smart Cities: AgendaPDF
Smart Cities: BackgroundPDF
Modernization of the energy sector – a pathway towards low-carbon energy and green economyPDF

Pathways to Sustainable Energy: Project Kick-off and Scenario Scoping 


Pathways to Sustainable Energy: Policy and Technology Options to Achieve Sustainable Energy 


Tracking Progress on Energy for Sustainable Development: Data and Indicators