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Mobility Management - A guide of international good practices (April 2020)

As part of the ongoing work on THE PEP a Study on good practices in Mobility Management has been published. Drawing on concrete experiences from across the Pan-European region, the  ...
Logistics and Transport Competitiveness in Kyrgyzstan (December 2019)

A study on the transport infrastructure and services available in Kyrgyzstan. This document reviews the country’s extensive recent and future transport investments, and sets out recommendations to ensure its transport  ...
Kazakhstan to play a key transport logistics role for rising Euro-Asian trade (May 2019)

Improving the competitiveness of Kazakhstan as a transport logistics centre at the crossroads of Europe and Asia could enable the country to unlock significant untapped benefits of growing cargo flows  ...
Railways role in intermodality and the digitalization of transport documents (July 2018)

The present publication (download here) concerns intermodal transport, with a particular focus on the role of railways in intermodality and the importance of transport documents computerisation for intermodal transport. The  ...
Terminology on Combined Transport (January 2001)

This publication lists the principal terms used in combined transport or related to it. All the definitions referring specifically to the geographical framework of Europe  ...