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Level Crossings Questionnaire

Following a decision of the Group of Experts on Improving Safety at Level Crossings (GE.1) at its second session in May 2014 (ECE/TRANS/WP.1/GE.1/4, paragraph 4), the UNECE secretariat is undertaking a multi-faceted online survey to inform GE.1 on various issues related to level crossings and safety at level crossings. These aspects include economics, statistics, best/good practices, legislation, human factors, technology and enforcement.

The findings will be used in formulating a multidisciplinary strategic plan aimed at reducing the risk of death and/or injury at level crossings. The secretariat has distributed a link to the online survey to the permanent missions of UNECE member States.

The deadline for responses by national governments and/or relevant authorities is Friday, 5 September 2014. Early responses will be much appreciated. For more information about this questionnaire, contact Rebecca Huang, GE.1 Secretary, at rebecca.huang@unece.org.

To facilitate the completion of the questionnaire by national governments and/or relevant authorities, the attached document is a PDF of the questionnaire which may be printed and referred to.