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Standards of the European Committee for drawing up standards in the field of inland navigation (CESNI)

- European Standard laying down Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation vessels (ES-TRIN)

The authentic text of ES-TRIN is published in the working languages of CESNI (Dutch, English, French and German) on the CESNI website at www.cesni.eu/en/technical-requirements. Non-authentic translations of ES-TRIN into other languages, provided by the European Commission, are also available at this address.

The ES-TRIN 2017/1 edition is also available in Russian (disclaimer: this translation is provided by the secretariat for information only. UNECE is not liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from possible inaccuracies, mistakes or faults of this translation).

Convention on Navigation on the Rhine from Neuhausen to below Basel ; Convention on Navigation on Lake Constance ; Agreement on Navigation on Lake Leman
TRANS/SC.3/R.158/Add.1:  Eng/Fre/Rus

Convention concerning the Regime for Navigation on the Danube (Belgrade Convention)
TRANS/SC.3/R.158/Add.2:  Eng/Fre/Rus

Convention concerning the Canalization of the Moselle
TRANS/SC.3/R.158/Add.3:  Eng/Fre/Rus

Revised Convention for Rhine Navigation (Act of Mannheim)

Rhine Vessels Inspection Regulations, 1995

Convention on Collection, Deposit and Reception of Waste Produced during Navigation on the Rhine and Inland Waterways
CDNI: Eng/Fre/Rus

Bratislava Agreements
Agreement on General Terms and Conditions for International Carriage of Goods on the River Danube
TRANS/SC.3/R.157: Eng/Fre/Rus
Swiss Conditions for the Carriage of Goods on the Rhine (SRTB), 1985
TRANS/SC.3/R.157/Add.1: Eng/Fre/Rus
Agreement on Carriage of High-Cube Containers in International Carriage of Goods on the River Danube
TRANS/SC.3/R.157/Add.2: Eng/Fre/Rus
Shipping and Transport Conditions
TRANS/SC.3/R.157/Add.3: Eng/Fre/Rus

IVR General Average Rules
ECE/TRANS/SC.3/WP.3/2011/7: Eng/Fre/Rus

Mannheim Declaration “150 years of the Mannheim Act – the driving force behind dynamic Rhine and inland navigation” (Congress of the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine on 17 October 2018, Mannheim, Germany)
ECE/TRANS/SC.3/2019/5, Annex I

Communiqué of the Ministerial Conference on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the signing of the Belgrade Convention “Danube Commission - Strengthening the partnership in free navigation on the Danube” Belgrade, 29 June 2018
ECE/TRANS/SC.3/2019/5, Annex II