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Inland water transport is a viable alternative or addition to road and rail transport on European corridors. Though environmentally-friendly and, frequently, the most economical mode of inland transport, it remains largely under-exploited in Europe. Its current infrastructure and legal and technical barriers hinder use and call for pro-active Government and international policies.

By enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of inland water transport, the UNECE Agreements and resolutions establish a comprehensive normative framework for the key aspects of inland navigation.

Inland Waterways in the UNECE region:

Where to navigate? The network of inland waterways in Europe and its parameters

How to navigate? The rules of inland navigation in Europe

Who can navigate? The technical parameters for inland vessels and requirements for crews

 Flyer of the Working Party on Inland Water Transport (SC.3): English / French / Russian


10 November 2014

The 58th session of the Working Party on Inland Water Transport will be held from 12 November (10 a.m.) to 14 November (1 p.m.) at the Palais des Nations, room V.

16 October 2014

The third revision of the European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways of International Importance (AGN) is now available.

15 September 2014

European Inland Waterway Navigation Conference
The 7th EIWN Conference was held from 10 to 12 September 2014, in Budapest (Hungary). More details here.

20 January 2014

Serbia accedes to the AGN Agreement
On 10 January 2014, Serbia became the 18th Contracting Party to the European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways of International Importance (AGN), maintained by UNECE.
The AGN agreement identifies a network of the European inland waterways and ports of international importance (E waterways and ports). It is widely used as a reference for determining the geographical scope of the agreements regulating the transport of goods by inland waterways, such as the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways (ADN) and, more recently, the 2012 Strasbourg Convention on the limitation of liability in inland navigation.
The Agreement will enter into force for Serbia on 10 April 2014.

Latest Documents

ECE/TRANS/SC.3/WP.3/90 (French)

Presentation EDINNA 2014-11-12
Harmonization of Education and Training in the European IWT

List of working and informal documents

Draft Resolution on additions and amendments to Resolution No. 24 (CEVNI) (Russian)

Meetings and Events

Blue Book
European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways of International Importance (AGN)
SIGNI – Signs and Signals on Inland Waterways
Recommendation on electronic chart display and information system for inland navigation (Inland ECDIS), Resolution No. 48
Recommendations on harmonized Europe-wide technical requirements for inland navigation vessels, Resolution No. 61

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