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UNECE work on transport security

Recent terrorist attacks have shown the capability of a small number of individuals to kill and cause large-scale destruction.  These attacks have had a common denominator: transport systems have been used either as a means or as a target.

A Multidisciplinary Group of Experts on Inland Transport Security (AC.11) was established in UNECE in 2007 to examine threats to inland transport security and provide recommendations on how to tackle them.

Transport faces many types of security risks.  Some of them are:

  • Vehicle theft and subsequent use as car-bombs;
  • Theft of dangerous substances during transport; I
  • llegal border crossing of persons and goods; and finally,
  • Attacks on key infrastructure such as tunnels and bridges.

Given the recent terrorist focus on transport and transport’s vulnerability, the UNECE Sustainable Transport Division is making efforts to contribute to reducing and eliminating the security threats related to inland transport. In this context, the UNECE Sustainable Transport Division has created an international platform for international discussions related to inland transport security. 

This website provides information about its work and accomplishments. Through the left-hand menu you will find various reports, presentations and other documents which will provide more information about inland transport security.