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Working Group on Ageing

Palais des Nations

The Working Group on Ageing is an intergovernmental body which was first convened in 2008.  It is made up of national focal points on ageing representing the member States of the UNECE region, along with representatives from international organizations, NGOs and academia. 

The Working Group has as its aims

(a)    to contribute to the implementation of commitments taken by member States (e.g. MIPAA/RIS)
(b)    to provide direction and guidance to the UNECE work in the field of ageing
(c)    to promote international cooperation, exchange of experience and policy discussion on ageing
(d)    to promote awareness of ageing and its implications throughout the UNECE region
(e)    to create synergies within and outside UNECE.

The Working Group meets annually each November in Geneva, where it reviews the achievements and developments of the past year and sets the agenda of work for the year to come.

Terms of reference of the Working Group on Ageing