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We are looking for interns throughout the year.


UN Economic Commission for Europe, Population Unit.

What would your responsibilities be?

Assistance to the Programme officers within the inter-governmental programme on Ageing and support to the coordination and development of a research infrastructure project on demographic challenges in the ECE region - Generations and Gender Programme.

Based on the requirements of the programmes and of your background the following tasks would be performed under the supervision of the programme officers and the chief of the unit:

  • Contribute towards the UNECE intergovernmental programme on Ageing and especially to the follow-up of the 2007 UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing
    • Research of the background materials and preparation of briefs on them for team leaders
    • Draft evaluation and monitoring reports and prepare visualizations for presentations and publications
    • Communicate with the national focal points, representatives of international organizations and other diplomatic bodies such as permanent missions
  • Work on the development and implementation of the GGP and its organizational 
    • Contribute towards the functional organization of the network of consortium institutions as well as network of national focal points; research background material, draft reports and prepare briefs for the project manager
    • Research, organize, visualize and present macro-demographic data
    • Analyze Generations and Gender Survey micro data
  • Creatively contribute to the overall image of the programmes and the unit as a whole
    • Design printer ready copies of unit’s publications
    • Contribute to the development of web pages
What could you gain?
  • Hands-on experience with the intergovernmental political process and coordination of an international research infrastructure
  • Greater understanding of the major demographic challenges in contemporary developed societies
What should your qualifications be?

A high level of motivation; excellent spoken and written English with good researching and drafting skills; knowledge of sociology, demography, social policy or a related field.  Applicants must be currently-enrolled postgraduate students.

How to apply

Please check eligibility requirements at UNECE Internship and follow the application procedures outlined there. In addition, please also send the internship application form together with your CV and cover letter to pau[at]unece.org

Should you have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.