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Sustainable Housing and Real Estate Markets

To realize sustainable housing and real estate markets, UNECE assists member States in improving housing energy efficiency, facilitating the maintenance, management and refurbishment of existing housing stock and developing real estate markets which contribute to economic growth. This also includes the preparation of guidelines and policy recommendations in the area of housing affordability, social housing and low-cost housing. How to adapt housing supply to demographic changes and to ensure access to healthy and safe housing in the region are emerging issues under this area of work.

Sustainable Urban Development

UNECE promotes an integrated approach to planning and building sustainable cities and urban settlements. Activities under this area of work focus on spatial planning which results in compact, smart, efficient and inclusive cities and low-carbon and disaster resilient urban development. Issues relevant to information, communication and technology for urban planning and informal settlements are also being addressed.

Land Administration and Management

Improving land administration and management is a driving force for economic stability and growth. Under this area of work, UNECE addresses land registration, e-governance, land tenure, spatial information and cadastres. An emphasis will be placed on resolving the challenge of informal settlements and on guidelines for the organizational structure of land registries and cadastres.

Country Profiles on Housing and Land Management

Country profiles are “snapshots” of the housing and land issues within a country. These are major undertakings where in-depth research and discussion between partners form a large part of the work. They are conducted on the request of UNECE member States, coordinated by the secretariat and drafted by independent international experts. UNECE’s involvement does not end with the launch of the study. The Committee on Housing and Land Management monitors and supports the implementation of country profile recommendations, for instance through technical model projects.