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What are the main purpose and the related objectives of green economy?

A major purpose of the green economy is to stimulate green investments in and across various economic and social sectors. Such investments should help to use natural capital and ecosystems, both considered to be critical economic assets, in a more efficient way or to substitute them by other assets, in particular when there is a risk of depletion or degradation. The investments should, at the same time, support the creation of social equity and generation of decent jobs.

What are "green investments"?

Green investments are, for example:

  • Investments in innovation, research and development on improving resource efficiency and clean technologies;
  • Investments in deployment of existing resource-efficient and clean technologies;
  • Investments in training and reskilling for enhanced use of new technologies; and
  • Investments in greening infrastructure across sectors.

What results can be expected from green investments, and what are the objectives that can be achieved through the application of green economy?

Green investments can bring results in the areas of environmental protection, social inclusiveness and economic development. Among others, UNECE offers various tools to obtain the following results:

Strengthened environmental protection/ increased resource efficiency

Improved social inclusiveness

Improved economic development

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