Teams of Specialists

Teams of Specialists (ToS) are engaged to support the implementation of the Warsaw Integrated Programme of Work 2018-2021, provide advice, or work on specific projects. Their mandates are decided by COFFI and the EFC, and they report annually to the Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management. Guidelines for these teams of specialists can be found here.

The overall goal of all the ToS is to contribute to the implementation of the Integrated Programme of Work 2018-2021. Each ToS will support one or more of the main four areas of work, as well as the overall implementation of the Programme. Please see the figure below: 

Below you can find detailed information about each Team of Specialists, including their mandates and current list of members (if available). If your country is interested in appointing a member to one or more ToS, please send your nominations or confirmations for existing members to: For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretaries to these teams, who are also listed below.

Name of ToSMandateList of MembersAdditional Information about the work of the ToSToS Secretary
ToS on Sustainable Forest ProductsEnClick hereClick here

Matthew Fonseca



ToS on Monitoring Sustainable Forest ManagementEn/Fr/RuClick hereClick here

Roman Michalak



ToS on Boreal Forests EnClick hereClick here

Leonie Meier



ToS on the Forest Sector OutlookEn (2019)Click hereClick here

Birgit Lia Fain



ToS on Forest Communication - Forest Communicators' Network En/Fr/RuClick hereClick here

Maria De Cristofaro (FAO)


Tel: +390657052120

ToS on Green Jobs - Joint ILO/ECE/FAO Expert NetworkEn/Fr/RuClick hereClick here

Alicja Kacprzak



ToS on Wood EnergyEn/Fr/RuClick hereClick here

Florian Steierer



ToS on Forest Products StatisticsEn Click hereClick here

Alex McCusker


Tel: +41229172880

last updated April 2020