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Data and Statistics

The Forestry and Timber Section has a long-standing tradition of extensive data collection.  Below are outputs for some of the current programmes of recurring statistical work.

Forest Resources

State of Europe's Forests, 2015

FAO Forest Resources Assessment 2015

Forests in the ECE Region

Forest Products and Trade

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Primary Products

Secondary Products, Species Trade, Trade Flow, Prices and Yearbook

  • Trade Flow, showing value of trade by product group for all regions and between leading countries
  • Trade by Species (2010-2014) in PDF or XLS
  • Secondary Products Trade (2010-2014) in PDF or XLS
  • Prices, including historical data from 1964-2015
  • FAO Yearbook of Forest Products, all years since 1947

Wood Energy

There have been five Joint Wood Energy Enquiries (JWEE) carried out by the UNECE/FAO on wood energy use in the region. The results and accompanying analysis have been presented at the 37th, 35th,  34th, 32nd, 31st and 29th meetings of the Joint FAO/UNECE Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management. The actual data can be found here


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- Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire definitions (English, Russian)
- JFSQ questionnaire (English, Russian)
- FRA definitions
   video of FAO Forest Statistics
   a note on the JFSQ process
   a note on 2000-2005 publications of the Timber Bulletin
- 1947 FAO Report on Conversion Factors meeting, Washington D.C.

Earlier issues of statistical publications can be found here. This includes Forest Products Statistics, Prices, Trade Flow, Species Trade and Secondary Products Trade.

last updated September 2016