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Competitiveness of the European Forest Sector (December 2014)

ECE/TIM/DP/62 As a contribution to the second European Forest Sector Outlook Study (EFSOS II) this study analysis the historic and future competitiveness of the European forest sector using the constant market  ...
Econometric Modelling and Projections of Wood Products Demand, Supply and Trade in Europe (October 2012)

ECE/TIM/DP/59 The current study provides a description of an econometric analysis of the forest sector in Europe and how the resulting models - together with assumptions regarding economic growth and price  ...
North American Forest Sector Outlook Study (March 2012)

Projections for the United States and Canada to 2030 have been made with a global model to account for concurrent changes in other countries. Three future scenarios were investigated: two  ...
Swedish Forest Sector Outlook Study (December 2011)

ECE/TIM/DP/58 In this study, international trends and major drivers of change for forest resources and wood use are reviewed and, together with projections of future developments in the use and supply  ...
European Forest sector outlook study (August 2011)

The European Forest Sector Outlook Study II (EFSOS II) is the latest in a series of studies, which started in 1952, to provide a regular outlook report for the European  ...
Wood Availability and Demand in Europe (May 2010)

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Potential Sustainable Wood Supply in Europe Sebastian Hetsch  (August 2009)

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National Wood Resource Balances : Workshop Proceedings - 31 March - 1 April 2008 Sebastian Hetsch (October 2008)

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European Forest Sector Outlook Study: Trends 2000-2005 Compared to the EFSOS Scenarios Fabian Schulmeyer  (May 2007)

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Outlook for the Development of European Forest Resources by Mart-Jan Schelhaas, Jo Van Brusselen, Ari Pussinen, Emi Pesonen, Andreas Schuck, Gert-Jan Nabuurs, and Volker Sasse (May 2006)

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European Forest Sector Outlook Study 1960-2000-2020 Main Report  (February 2005)

Document Title ENG ECE/TIM/SP/20  ...
Russian Federation Forest Sector Outlook Study by the Research and Design Institute on Economics, Production Management and Information for the Forest, Pulp and Paper and Woodworking Industries (April 2004)

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Modelling and Projections of Forest Products Demand, Supply and Trade in Europe by Kari Kangas, Anders Baudin (April 2004)

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Employment Trends and Prospects in the European Forest Sector Peter Blombäck, Peter Poschen, Mattias Lövgren (March 2003)

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Forecasts of Economic Growth in OECD and Central and Eastern European Countries for the Period 2000-2040 by NOBE Independent Centre for Economic Studies (July 2002)

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ETTS V Working Paper - The Policy Context for the Development of the Forest and Forest Industries Sector in Europe by T. J. Peck and J. Descargues (April 1997)

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European Forests and Timber: Scenarios onto the 21st Century (consumption, production, trade, recycling and energy) by the secretariat (December 1996)

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European Timber Trends and Prospects: into the 21st century (ETTS V) (July 1996)

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Forest Resources and Consumption of Forest Products in Countries in Transition, 1990–2020 by Jarmo Eronen (April 1996)

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Modeling Forest Products Demand, Supply and Trade by David Brooks, Anders Baudin and Peter Schwarzbauer (January 1996)

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North American timber trends study (January 1996)

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The Outlook for the European Forest Resources and Roundwood Supply by Heikki Pajuoja (January 1996)

ECE/TIM/DP/4 Currently unavailable
Projections of Forest Products Demand, Supply and Trade in ETTS V by Anders Baudin and David Brooks (January 1996)

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