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NEW Energy for Sustainable Development - Must reality conflict with ambition? (UNECE Sustainable Energy Week (17-21 November 2014) [15 November 2014]

UNFC - a tool for good governance of mineral resources in Africa: good governance of mineral resources is critical for sustainable development in Africa.  This message is being reinforced at the Regional Technical Workshop on UNFC  with a focus on uranium resources (Johannesburg, 10-14 November). UNFC-2009, with its unique applicability to all extractive activities, has been highlighted as the system that can assist African countries in developing and managing their resources.

Energy for Sustainable Development – Must reality conflict with ambition?

UNFC-2009 incorporating Specifications for its Application now available in Arabic [4 November 2014]

The Fifth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development will be held in Hammamet, Tunisia, on 4-7 November 2014. The Forum will emphasize attaining the three objectives of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative of the UN Secretary-General through a regional agenda: ensuring universal access to modern energy services, doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency and doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030.

Mr. Christian Friis Bach, UNECE Executive Secretary. Opening Statement at the 5th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, Hammamet, Tunisia, 4-7 November 2014. 
Watch video on UNECE’s YouTube channel

Mr. Scott Foster, Director, UNECE Sustainable Energy Division. Summary of Day 1 of the 5th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, Hammamet, Tunisia, 4-7 November 2014. 
Watch video on UNECE’s youTube channel

Revised recommendations to the UNFCCC on how carbon capture and storage could contribute to reducing net GHG emissions (ECE/ENERGY/2014/5, 10 November 2014). The Committee on Sustainable Energy  will be asked to consider endorsing the recommendations at the twenty-third session of the Committee, Geneva 19-21 November.

UNFC-2009 incorporating Specifications for its Application now available in Russian [24 September 2014]

Report from the 1st session of the Group of Experts on Gas, with the Group's work plan, now available [5 September 2014]

UNECE working in support of the 2014-2024 United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All: see the UN-Energy publication issued by UN DESA. [1 September 2014]

UNECE preparing recommendations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on carbon capture and storage: a draft outline of the recommendations is available for comment  [30 August 2014]

Energy efficiency is not improving quickly enough globally or in the UNECE region: this and other pressing issues were discussed by a group of leading global experts in Geneva on 1 September at the Informal Preparatory Meeting of the UNECE Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency  [15 August 2014]

Renewable energy data gaps in UNECE region: meetings held in Geneva on 26 June and Paris on 11 July highlighted that renewable energy data in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus is neither readily available, up-to-date, accessible nor reliable. This is an obstacle for strategic energy planning in many countries and represents real value added for future activities of the UNECE Group of Experts on Renewable Energy Find the meetings summary here  [20 July 2014]

UNFC development continues: rules for application to renewables released for public comment  [10 July 2014]

Report of Expert Group on Resource Classification fifth session now available: more than 170 experts worldwide participated in the UNECE Resource Classification Week, 28 April-2 May.  [10 May 2014]

UNECE Resource Classification Week: Experts from the UNECE region, as well as from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, gathered in Geneva, 28 April-2 May for the EGRC fifth session to discuss the UNFC.

UNECE and CIS Electric Power Council sign MoU in Baku: on 25 April at the 45th meeting of the CIS Electric Power Council in Baku, UNECE and the CIS Electric Power Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU was signed by UNECE Deputy Executive Secretary Andrey Vasilyev and th Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

UNECE Group of Experts on Gas hold its first meeting on 14-15 April 2014. The agenda included a roundtable discussion of the findings of a major study of the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets, recently completed by leading experts in the natural gas industry. The study was prepared to establish a point of departure for robust discussion among government policy makers and other key stakeholders of needed policies and normative instruments, such as regulations or best practice guidance. An important conclusion of the study is that, under the right conditions, natural gas could be an essential contributor to a sustainable future and LNG could be the gateway to a global gas market. A press conference held on 14 April at 14:00 offered insights into opportunities and challenges that LNG faces to reach its full potential as an energy carrier.

Developing a common assessment methodology for renewable energy resources through application of UNFC: this was the focus of the UNECE Workshop in Washington, 24-25 March. The event was hosted by the World Bank and sponsored by BP, DuPont, Shell and Total, with participation from IRENA and Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Can renewable energy reserves be defined?: a workshop at the Total Energy USA 2013 Conference in Houston on 21 November explored the role of UNFC to assess long-term market-based economic viability of new renewable energy projects 

Delivering on the mission of UNECE through energy  Expert Opinion by Sigurd Heiberg, Former Chair, UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy

Mapping the flow: from “uranium in the ground” to “uranium in the can”   Expert Opinion by Harikrishnan Tulsidas, Nuclear Technology Specialist, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Vice Chair, Expert Group on Resource Classification

UNFC is key to Sustainable Development in India:  a key outcome of the “National Conference on Sustainable Mining and the UNFC – Challenges and Opportunities in India”, held in New Delhi, 29-30 October 2013, was an accelerated action agenda to enhance governance of the mining sector, including use of the UNFC for improved decision support.

Exploring the links between sustainable energy for all and security of supply Speech of Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, at High Level Conference on Energy Security and Sustainable Development – The OSCE Perspective, Ashgabat, 18 October 2013

Energy Efficiency Programmes at UNECE Interview of Oleg Dzioubinski, Energy Efficiency 21 Programme Manager, with Dukascopy TV, 11 October 2013 [in Russian]   

Energy for Sustainable Development - Fourth International Forum in Tbilisi explored policies and legislation needed to support energy efficiency improvements, access to cleaner energy, financing energy efficiency, and energy efficiency in buildings and infrastructure (17-19 September 2013, Tbilisi, Georgia)

UNFC – the tool of choice for optimizing natural resource management
Government experts responsible for pilot testing the UNFC met in Santiago, 9-12 July 2013, to plan a full UNFC roll-out focused on sustainable development objectives in emerging economies

No sustainable development without sustainable energy:  At the high-level Panel on Energy in the Post-2015 Agenda during the Vienna Energy Forum on 28 May 2013, Mr. Sven Alkalaj, Executive Secretary of UNECE, emphasized the need to provide secure, affordable and sustainable energy. Link to article "UNECE participates in Vienna Energy Forum 2013" (UNECE Weekly 532, 3-7 June 2013). Link to Statement by Mr. Sven Alkalaj.

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