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Sixty-sixth session of the Commission

“Committing to action on sustainable development in times of change”

14 - 16 April 2015 – Room XIX

With the world moving towards sustainable development goals, the Commission session will offer an opportunity for UNECE member States to come together, share their views and experiences, and commit to action for sustainable development.

The programme of the Commission will create a cross-cutting and interactive high-level dialogue on the theme “Committing to action on sustainable development in times of change”, followed by five high-level thematic discussions that will focus on actions and commitments on the following topics:

(a)  Sustainable energy and resilient communities;
(b)  Sustainable management of ecosystems and natural resources;
(c)  Connectivity and competitiveness for sustainable lives;
(d)  Measuring and monitoring sustainable development;
(e)  Partnering for sustainable development.

The High-level Segment will culminate in the adoption of the outcome document, the draft of which will be prepared in advance by representatives of UNECE member States in the Executive Committee. In addition, a number of events will highlight how UNECE’s concrete work has a significant impact on the lives of citizens of our region and beyond:

  • The Ideas for change award will show-case how innovative entrepreneurial talent can contribute to address today’s social and environmental challenges, through new groundbreaking ideas that can become successful business.

  • The Nuts and Dried Fruit exhibition will show how UNECE agricultural standards facilitate international trade and warrant quality and food safety. It will offer visitors a unique possibility to taste products from all over the world.

  • The Learning from Forests exhibition will showcase, through six thematic areas related to Polish forests, the multiple values and functions of forests and their essential role in our society.

The Commission meets every two years and provides a high-level forum for policy dialogue on economic developments in the region. It is responsible for providing strategic direction on UNECE’s programme of work. The outcome of the session will also form the region’s contribution to the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development to be held in New York from 26 June to 8 July 2015.


Please follow this link to access the full programme and register.